Drug and alcohol use is rampant on TV, in movies and everywhere else the stars of Hollywood shine. This is really problematic because it makes drinking and doing drugs look like a glamorous pastime. Actors, singers and models who use and abuse drugs may look cool, hip and fun, but in reality they just have a problem like everyone else. Doing drugs won’t make you popular or get you new friends, but it will ruin your life. Well, actually you might make new friends in jail when you get pulled over for a DUI and you have drugs in the car, but other than that there’s no upside to drugs and alcohol.

Teens are at a high risk for substance abuse when they hear their favorite artists talk about smoking, drinking or even doing drugs like ecstasy while out on the town. These are the kind of influences we don’t want our children trying to emulate. Parents should talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol and give them the facts before they get a bunch of wrong information from their peers.

When you place your trust in the dedicated counselors at Drug Rehab Center Springfield, you’re making a commitment to yourself that you want to get clean. Using drugs may feel like a familiar crutch for dealing with your problems, but trust us, you’re only putting off dealing with the problem and making things worse for yourself and everyone around you. Contact one of the addiction specialists at Drug Rehab Center Springfield by phone today at (937) 688-4486 or reach them by email at for more information. Getting clean is possible when you place your trust in a legitimate addiction counselor.

Drug Rehab Center Springfield can help with an addiction to substances such as:

·         Alcohol

·         Marijuana

·         Cocaine

·         Ecstasy

·         Heroin

·         Opium

·         Prescription drugs


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